Emergency Preparedness & Safety

We consider student and staff safety as a top priority and we are prepared for major emergency situations. School staff has been trained and drills are held regularly to make certain that our students and staff understand emergency protocols.

Your child/student may even be safer at school than at home during a serious emergency due to the fact school buildings are earthquake safe and have been designed with safety in mind. Inspections are regularly made to remove possible hazards and staff trained in first aid is readily available. The safety and welfare of students is our primary concern in the event of an emergency.

Your child/student should be instructed to follow the directions of the teacher at the school site and follow the directions of the bus driver on the way to and from school.   If walking, riding bicycles, or driving cars to school, students should be told to continue toward their destination when/if an emergency situation develops.

Your cooperation is requested in the following areas:

  1. Do NOT telephone the school. We NEED telephone lines open for emergency calls.
  2. Do NOT drive to the school.   Police and Fire NEED streets to be open and free of traffic.
  3. Do turn your radio dials to KKLQ 600 or KCBQ1170 on AM. Information and directions will be provided on these stations.

As suggested by the Escondido Union High School District Disaster Preparedness Plan, we want to take this opportunity to urge each family to make home emergency plans and preparations.

If you have any questions about our emergency preparedness program, please contact the Assistant Principal’s Office at 760-291-4020.

Emergency Preparedness and Site Safety Plan Director, EHS: Chris Domingo, Assistant Principal; 760-291-4025

Escondido High School uses CRIMESTOPPERS for all anonymous tips involving criminal activity. Please call 888-580-8477

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