Support Staff

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Agustin, Irais

Security Work Phone: 760.291.4099

Alatorre, Ariel

Head Custodian Work Phone: 760.291.4095

Albor, Patty

Bilingual Receptionist Work Phone: 760-291-4000

Arias, Jose

Security Work Phone: 760-291-4099


Bazan, Ramon

Security Work Phone: 760.291.4099

Beltran, Monica

Attendance Work Phone: (760) 291.4011

Brown, Mandy

College and Career Technician Work Phone: 760-291-4056


Cabrera, Fernando

Custodian Work Phone: 760.291.4095

Cheesman, Debbie

Counseling Clerk Work Phone: 760.291.4041

Courduff, Lisa

Student Health Care Specialist Work Phone: 760.291.4080

Cruz-Agauyo, Martha

Job Developer Work Phone: 760.291.4060


Dorschel, Penny

Cashier Work Phone: 760.291.4015


Franco, Melinda

Registrar Work Phone: 760.291.4059

Frankfather, Kelly

Counseling Secretary Work Phone: 760.291.4040


Garcia, Enrique

Night Lead Custodian Work Phone: 760.291.4095

Garcia, Mary

Administrative Secretary Work Phone: 760.291.4001

Garcia, Diana

Bilingual Parent Liaison Work Phone: 760-291-4042

Glaser, Marissa

Health Clerk Work Phone: 760-291-4081

Gonzales, Maria

Security Work Phone: 760-291-4099


Johnston, William

Computer Tech Work Phone: 760-291-4000 X4093


Macias Jr., Francisco

Lead Security Work Phone: 760.291.4099

Macias Sr., Francisco

Custodian Work Phone: 760.291.4095

Martinez, Martha

AP Secretary Work Phone: 760.291.4021

Mata, Hermelinda

Custodian Work Phone: 760.291.4095

Meyer, Adriana

Clerk II Work Phone: 760.291.4023


Nielsen, Maria

Clerk III Work Phone: 760.291.4000 X4032


Pauley, Anais

Psychologist Work Phone: 760.291.4016

Perez, Enrique

Custodian Work Phone: 760.291.4095


Rodriguez, Imelda

Student Attendance Technician Work Phone: 760.291.4010


Trejo, Marcos

Network Support Technician Work Phone: 760.291.4000 x4075


Valdez, Jose

Security Work Phone: 760.291.4099

Velasquez, Miguel

Custodian Home Phone: 760.291.4095

Velasquez, Michael

Custodian Work Phone: 760.291.4059

Vera, Celeste

Assistant Principal’s Secretary Work Phone: 760.291.4020