Reunion planning fact:

Escondido High School does NOT plan class reunions.

This comes as a surprise to most people, but it is a fact that class reunions are planned by members of the graduating class itself, not Escondido High.

In planning a class reunion, members of the graduating class generally have two options:

  1. Option 1: Plan Your own Reunion
    In this scenario, a member or members of the graduating class volunteer to plan the reunion, from contacting classmates to selecting and reserving a venue to collecting payments from classmates. This is typically less expensive to plan than option 2, but it is also more time consuming for those class members that volunteer to do the planning.
  2. Option 2: Hire a Reunion Planning Company
    In this scenario, the member(s) of the graduating class hire a professional reunion planning firm to plan their class reunion. Because the planning company takes care of many planning details that would otherwise fall to volunteers from the graduating class, it makes the planning task much less time consuming. However, the fees required to hire the planning company typically make the reunion more expensive to plan than Option 1.

In either scenario, it is preferable for a graduating class to form a reunion planning committee consisting of members of the graduating class. This allows multiple classmates to share the planning workload.

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Senior Slide Show Archive & Old Yearbooks

Remember those Senior slide shows that were shown during one of the final days of the school year before graduation? E.H.S. has an archive of these slide shows from 1981 through 1997. If you are a reunion planner for one of these graduating classes, you are welcome to obtain a copy of the slide show for use at your reunion. There are even some old yearbooks available for purchase! For more information on slideshows and yearbooks, please contact Jud Bordman,

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